You've got me smiling in my sleep

Sooo, summer has been pretty busy. Demi concert was AMAZING of course. Didn't care too much for KSM, and David Archuleta was okay, but I'm not really a fan.

Went to Vegas last week. Got to gamble with Dom's boyfriend, Tony, a lot. It was fun, until I lost all my money. :x Also went to my first Jonas Brothers' concert there. It was...a bit overwhelming. I had an idea of what to expect, but wow. I think my ears are still recovering from all the screaming. HOWEVER, Joe and Kevin sprayed our side of the audience with some white foam. It was amazing. I got to see Joe up close 8D

Then Tuesday, I went with Gio and some coworkers to see No Doubt in Irvine! That was loads of fun. Gio's a huge No Doubt fan. It made me smile seeing him so happy. The Sounds played a few songs. They're okay. I should listen to more of their music. They suck at pumping up the crowd though. Katy Perry also sang. The only song I got really excited for was Hot n Cold. She was so much better at pumping up the crowd. Finally, No Doubt came out and everyone stood up and started cheering and everything. The best part was slow dancing with Gio to Underneath it All. That's one of our songs. :B

Wednesday was my coworker Joey's goodbye party. He's quitting Universal cause he has another job. So sad cause he's so frickin hot and buff. :X A bunch of us went to this Korean BBQ place in Koreatown. Think it's called Manna? It was my third time there. The food's awesome, though I mostly filled up on rice. Also, some people in our group arranged for a waiter to spray Joey with two bottles of champagne. It was hilarious. Plus, he was wearing a white sleeveless shirt, which got all wet, and it was so hot. ;x

Then yesterday, I joined my friend Robert and some other people at a bar for his birthday. Stayed there for about an hour. Had two drinks and got really tipsy cause I'm a wimp and cause I hadn't eaten for 10 hours. Then I went home.

And todayyyy. I'm going to another JoBros show with Dom. Well, we're going together, but we're gonna be sitting in separate sections. Anyway, should be fun.

Here we go again

I'm going to see Demi Lovato with Dom today! :B So excited.

And her new album leaked, so I'm listening to it right now. I frickin love this song. I haven't listened to the whole album yet, but I listened so some samples a while back. A few of the songs are really good, better than stuff on her first album, but some stuff is just meh. Then there's also a few songs that remind me of songs from her first album.

Other than that, not much to really talk about. AX was pretty fun. Got to hang out with the old team and Dom's boyfriend, who's a pretty cool guy. As for the panel itself, I felt like we were really unprepared, but it went okay. There's a few videos of us on Youtube too.

Went to go see Bruno last week. It was...not my kind of humor. I never watched Borat, so I can't compare. I felt like I was missing something though. So many other people in the theater were cracking up. There were like a few scenes that were kinda funny, but for the most part it was just disgusting and tried to hard to be shocking.

As for things with Gio..they're okay-ish. We still care about each other a lot, but we haven't really been spending much time with each other recently. I think it's mostly the fact that we work in different departments now and have different days off. Also, we haven't been talking on the phone as much because I usually take a nap right after I get home. Hopefully things will change soon though. He changed his days off, so now we both have Friday off. I think I'm gonna go see Orphan with him next week.

Is there still magic in the midnight sun?

Update time! Vegas was awesome. It was the first time Gio and I went away for a weekend. It's nice sleeping in the same bed with someone you care about. We had a great time. We went to a few buffets, gambled (well, not Gio since he's underage), played carnival games, did the Spongebob 4-D ride, and watched the Lion King.

Got to see Creature from the Black Lagoon: The Musical a few days ago at work. It's...okay..There's a lot of adult jokes, so it's not good for kids. I liked some parts, but there were others that just dragged on. However, guys wearing nothing but undies makes up for everything. :X :X :X

Work's been pretty fun lately. There's never a dull day at Simpsons. You're always running around doing something, and time just flies by. It's been getting pretty hectic now that summer's here. The only thing is that I'm starting to lose my patience with the guests. It's something I'm gonna try to work on.

Next week is AX! I actually got Friday off, so I'll be going then. I also have tomorrow and Monday off. Tomorrow, I'm going to hang out with my friend Monica, but I'm not sure what we should go do. Then Monday, I think I'm gonna try to call in for a shift cause I wanna work 5 days this week.

So far this summer looks like it's going to be fun and drama-free.

Why, why did I ever let you go?

Damn weather. It's starting to get hotter :(

Soooo..I kinda drove for the first time yesterday (oh yeah, I got my permit last week). We went to a parking lot an Steve told me what to do. I already thought driving was kinda hard, but after actually driving and finding out all these things about driving that I never knew, I think it's even harder.

So far, I have trouble with controlling how hard I hit the gas, making turns and straightening the car out after turning, and I keep forgetting that to stop I have to hit the brakes (I keep thinking I just have to take my foot off the gas pedal).

It's so scary and I get so nervous. But it's also exhilarating. The first time I revved up the engine, I was giggling uncontrollably. I'm going out today to drive a bit more. This time it's gonna be on the streets though cause a security guard told us we weren't supposed to be just driving around in the parking lot. Afterwards, we're going bowling. :B

My birthday is in less than a weeeeek. I should do something, but meh.
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Thank you for the music

Things are pretty awesome right now. My time at Shrek is coming to an end soon, and I'll be going over to Simpsons soon. Speaking of work, Julie and Amber from middle/high school were at Universal the other day. It was nice to see them. I was working, so we didn't have a lot of time to catch up. I got so excited when I saw them that I hit my head on one of our OCC panels when I was running to them. Haha.

I went to go see Star Trek the other day. It was a triple date. I did NOT want to go see that movie. At all. Like I was dreading it. I hate really boring movies about space or with lots of action and explosions and stuff. But it ended up completely surprising me. The movie was amazing. So amazing that I ended up Wiki-ing a bunch of Star Trek stuff. So far, I've heard nothing but good comments from everyone who's watched it too.

So this month's a pretty busy one. Tonight, I'm going out with a bunch of friends to Kabuki to celebrate my friend Jessie's birthday. Then on the 22nd I'm going to a Dodgers game with a huge group. The 24th is MY BIRTHDAY. :B I don't think I have any plans, except maybe working. It's Memorial Day weekend, so work is gonna be pretty busy that day. And then on the 27th, there's a bonfire that I might go to. I haven't decided yet.

Other than that..there's been talks of going see the new Terminator movie (which again, I'm DREADING), and going clubbing.

Then of course, there's all the events this summer: AX, JoBros concert, Demi concert, No Doubt Concert. :B Gio is so excited about No Doubt. With every purchase, you get a code to download all of No Doubt's music, so I've been listening to a lot of No Doubt recently. I love their cover of Stand and Deliver.

So things with Gio are so good right now. We still have lots of stupid little arguments, but we always make up after like 10 minutes. I love being with him. I think things with us are gonna go far.

Can your friends go abracadabra, let 'er rip!

Bleh. I'm opening two days in a row :( Oh well, at least I get off early. Sooo, what's been up with me?

Well, I'm FINALLY crosstrained for Simpsons! :D It's lots of fun. I'm still such a newbie though, and I mess up a lot, but I'm hoping to get better soon. It's weird how fast time flies. Like you can be doing the same thing for almost 3 hours without realizing it's been that long. There are a LOT of stairs in that building though..My days off have been weird these last few weeks because of training and Spring break, but it's nice to have Saturdays off.

Robert and I went to go watch Mamma Mia on Tuesday. It was fun. We sat in the 7th row, so we were pretty close up. It was so much fun. The second best thing to actually being at an ABBA concert. There was this weird guy that sat next to us though that thought Robert was some main character from Friday Night Lights, and he asked for his autograph and was creepy with us all night. :x It was kinda funny

Things with Gio are awesome. He's a sweet guy, and he cares a lot about me. We're always quarreling, but it's never anything big. A lot of people say we're like a married couple. It's weird..It's nice. We haven't seen each other much lately cause our work schedules have been so different, but it's nice when we do see each other. We went to Shakey's with a few other people on Friday night. Gooood fooood. And Gio is like obsessed with the Deal or No Deal arcade game. Also, we're gonna go watch No Doubt in a few months. He's really excited about that.

For some reason, I woke up with Friend Like Me from Aladdin stuck in my head. Makes me want to go watch the Aladdin show at California Adventure. I haven't been there in a while.

Anyway, life is good. Guess I better finish getting ready for work.

Tonight I'm gonna fly

Updating from my phone. It's nice to have Sunday off for once. I'm gonna go watch Monsters vs Aliens with Gio. We watched Haunting in Connecticut the other day. It was pretty decent. Reminded me of the Grudge a bit though. Gio bought me the Pokemon Platinum guide yesterday. Me loves it. I'm doing a lot of the side stuff now that I beat the Elite Four.

So I'm finally gonna crosstrain at Simpsons tomorrow. I can't waitttt. And I'm gonna go see Mamma Mia with Robert soon! Life is good :D

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Do I try too hard to make you smile?

Blargh, my room's been a mess for so long. I'm finally doing some Spring cleaning. Harder than I thought it'd be. There's so many things I've kept for so long. Finally throwing them away.

It'll be good for me. Through my rummaging, I've found things that should have been thrown away a long time ago. It's hard to let go of some of the them. But it's for the best. Plus, I'll have room now for a whole new set of stuff to pile up.

And maybe I'll start making use of my Wii and inviting people over, since everyone's always complaining that they've never been to my house.
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Our love is like a song; you can't forget it

Wow, has it really been a whole month since I last updated? Well, let's see..

Things with Gio are awesome. After I came back from Vegas, we had a bit of a rough week, but it turned out for the best. The doubts and problems I had kinda went away, and things are great now. We're doing better than ever.

So this week, I saw Watchmen twice. It was okay. Too gory for my liking, and some of it was too cliched or predictable. The only thing was that it was SO FRICKIN long. Though it didn't seem as long the second time, oddly enough.

I also went to go watch Confessions of a Shopaholic, AT LAST. It was a cute movie. Not as great as I had expected, but it was good nonetheless. It had its funny moments.

On Monday, I also went to my friend Robert's comedy improv thing. It's like Whose Line is it Anyway. I was cracking up the whole time.

And Tuesday, I went to Disneyland for a coworker's birthday. We had fun. I bought Gio a cute little book that I found in a store. It's called "With Love" and it had kissing scenes from a ton of Disney movies, as well dialogue from the movie on the page next to it. I SAW PEOPLE FROM THE WILTERN DEMI CONCERT AT DISNEYLAND. It was so random. They saw me first and they were like "Hey, it's that guy!" and I'm like "Hey, it's the Demi people!" or something like that. XD

Other than that, I've been sucked into Pokemon. I FINALLY BEAT CYNTHIA YESTERDAY. :B I had try like 3 times, and used a lot of pots, but I finally did it. I also preordered Pokemon Platinum at the GameStop in Citywalk. Got a little Giratina figure.

Anyway, I have to get ready for work now. Blehhh. This week is gonna suck. I hope they pull me to Simpsons to train. They keep saying they will, but it keeps not happening. Oh well, soon enough. :B

We're finally soaking up the hours that everyone else throws away

Bleh..Today was kinda lame and even a bit depressing. Work was slow and boring as hell. I had an upset guest near the end of the day though, and then some bad news from my manager. Apparently, there are going to be some changes made to the attraction this Monday in an effort to cut down on shifts. So we'll be losing two shifts. Since shifts go by seniority, that means that people with more seniority will be okay. However, me and Gio have been the cutoff point. We're the last people on the roster that get 5 days (we'd only get 4 days, but there's almost always someone who requests a day off, so we usually get 5). Anyway, this is gonna affect the two of us and probably the person right above me in seniority. Best case scenario, I'll be working two or three days. Worst case, I'll get 1, if any at all.

On the bright side, now that I'm starting school, working less means I will have free time after all. Plus, the only bill I ever have to pay is my phone bill. The bad side is that I've made a lot of plans this year that involve money. Sakuracon is a big one, as well as just my general personal expenses. I'm gonna have to cut back on a lot of spending. Vegas this month is probably gonna be my last big thing, after I pay off my bills. So Sakuracon is probably a bust. :( Also, Gio and I won't be seeing much of each other since we usually see each other at or after work, and neither of us drive, and he HATES the metro.

Anyway, weird stuff with John today. Hard to explain. The jist of it was that he's not upset that I have a boyfriend. He's completely okay and happy for me. He told me a whole bunch of personal stuff about himself that I sorta already knew but wanted to hear from him. He said that if it weren't for two things he wouldn't have any hesitations about being with me: 1. He works with me, and everyone would be all up in our business. 2. He's not monogamous, and I am. He doesn't want to hurt me, but he knows I would end up getting hurt, which is probably true. Then he started saying some stuff that was just too cliched..He said I was a really special and romantic person and he could see in my eyes that my intentions are pure and that he could read me like a book and doesn't want to hurt me. He also said that I was one in a million.

It was..interesting. I admit, I still have feelings for him, but a lot of what he said is true, which is the reason why I wouldn't want to get into anything either. It was the most sincere I had ever seen him though, and a lot of the stuff he told me was stuff that I wanted him to tell me. I tried really hard not to tear up at some of the things he said and not to blush at some of the others. It was seriously like a movie scene, including the part where one of the other employees came and realized that we were having an intense conversation that she had interrupted. She apologized but we told her she wasn't interrupting, and let her stay.

Anyway, to lighten the mood of this long post..
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He makes me smile :)